At Halal Gems, we understand that there is a diversity in the preferences of halal diners. We get lots of messages from people who are looking to dine in a halal restaurant that doesn’t serve alcohol and we hope this post will make dining out a little bit easier for those who have this preference. Below are our top picks from various areas of London. View the map for a comprehensive list of restaurants serving halal meat with no alcohol and no BYO policies. You can use the ‘no alcohol’ filter on the Halal Gems Restaurant Finder App to easily find restaurants near you (available on iOS and Android). Download it here.

Alcohol-free restaurants in East London

Brioche Burger

Saffron Kitchen

Fatboyz Diner


Alcohol-free restaurants in North London

The Great Chase


Loaded Burgers


Alcohol-free restaurants in West London

Mahdi Hammersmith


Abu Zaad

Makan Cafe

Redemption Notting Hill


Alcohol-free restaurants in Central London


Redemption Shoreditch

Burgista Bros

Alcohol-free restaurants in South London


Namak Mandi

Meat & Shake

Alcohol-free restaurants a bit further out…

Red Iron


Two Buns