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Guest Review: Drunch, London

July 21, 2015Halal Gems Team

Reviewed by Mez
A moments boredom on my way back from work last week resulted in me quickly making plans for a post Eid day brunch with the ever obliging cousins. We threw around a few ideas and by the process of elimination, we decided on Drunch for brunch. A stone’s throw away from Bond Street station and the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street (I’m not sure when the ability to throw stones became a measurement reference); this is a Mayfair offering for those wanting a casual halal breakfast, lunch or dinner.
My first impression was that Drunch is a cute little eatery in a quiet little side street. We initially opted to sit outside but soon realised that that was wishful thinking with London weather. Feeling a bit chilly we asked to move inside which wasn’t a problem because we arrived before the lunch hour rush so there was plenty of space (no longer the case when we left). Plush leather seating, sleek decor and friendly staff awaited us inside. After much umming and aahing about what to order (I try to subliminally convince everyone to order something different, so I can taste a bit of everything. I think my family are onto me now though) I went for the Braised Brisket Bun and between us we also had the dipping platter, alternative English breakfast, chicken Milanese, weekend roast, and buttermilk pancakes.

The colourful juices were first to hit the table, which are made fresh and packaged each morning. I tasted them all but didn’t think much of these drinks. They did what they said on the menu though so I can’t complain about them not being anything special. Watermelon is of course going to taste like watermelon whether you blend it at home yourself (as I did a lot during Ramadan) or buy it outside.
After a 20 minute wait, which I think isn’t bad at all, the food hit the tables. In short, I loved it all. You can rarely go wrong with bits of bread and hummus which is a great sharing option to start any meal. The meat across all the dishes was cooked to perfection. Super succulent, juicy and seasoned well. The sausages in the breakfast were very tasty and the Chicken Milanese although nothing to get too excited about, offered yummy crispy bits of chicken. The buttermilk pancakes were a hit with everyone. I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth but they were so light, fluffy and had nice crispy edges. This may sound weird but we agreed that they had an almost Gulab Jamun type taste to them. That may just be Eid talking but for those that don’t know; Gulab Jamun is an Indian sweet. I ended the meal with a fresh berry cold tea (infused for 24 hours) which was refreshing to take out in the sun as I braved tackling what seemed like all of the world’s shoppers.
Overall, I would thoroughly recommend Drunch. The menu is extensive enough to mean I can go again and try something new. Prices are in line with what you’d expect in Mayfair but in this case I was happy to pay more for what tasted like good quality, fresh food. Drunch also offer shisha for people that are that way inclined. I could faintly smell it when we were sat outside and I can see why the heated and covered alfresco gardens would make that an appealing way to spend a summers evening. If you’re like me though, stick to the food and I can’t see you going wrong. Next time, I may just hold off on the shopping though…
About Gem Hunter Mez
Mez is proud to be a born and bred Londoner. Currently training to be a Solicitor, she was in fact a very fussy eater at a young age. Although times have changed, her overall philosophy is goodbye goji berries and chia seeds, hello burgers and steaks.

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