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Guest Review: Gazi, Melbourne

March 23, 2016Halal Gems Team

Reviewed by Maysaa
Have you ever judged a restaurant by their website? Usually, I don’t. I mean, quality over perception right? But with Gazi, their website got me into the mood.
I was ready for Greek and I was ready to be hit the Greek-ness of it all.
I was not disappointed.

It was tough to find a reservation, but we managed and the Greek experience begins at the door. Suddenly your sense of smell becomes overwhelmed with souva, garlic and I kid you not, I could even smell tzatziki.
Our waiter was impeccable with his assistance, and described things to us when all seemed lost (what on Earth is Taramosalata?!) We ordered a bunch of Souvalakakia, everything from the Ethinika Vromika (hello, Saganaki) and, of course, Dirty Patates. For those of you wondering, these beautiful things are: Chips wrapped up in a variety of flavours, including moussaka, misomelitzanosalata, yoghurt, parmesan.
Add some dips and calamari, and our table looked like a feast for a Greek King!
The true essence of flavor was there and it was interesting to see that not much was left over. The portions are not huge, but just right. It was enough to feel satisfied and not wish to be able to fit “one more bite.”
Because, the anticipated Dessert Time loomed.
I went for the Magnomopoulos because I wanted to try to say the word without laughing and my friends ordered the Crema katai and the obvious – Loukoumades.
Maybe the entrée and mains were too satisfying, because the dessert didn’t entirely pack the punch. The Loukoumades was quite plain, and basically, I have had better elsewhere. However none of that mattered because I had eaten the best Souvo ever, so my night was made. Future Gazi patrons, please note, the atmosphere is quite dim and loud. Music is on a volume that makes it tricky to conduct a deep and meaningful conversation, and generally, other patrons are there in groups – so it gets louder. But anyway, with patates stuffed in your mouth, who has time to talk?
Maysaa’s star rating: 4 / 5
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About Maysaa
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Maysaa Fahour is a Lebanese born – Melbourne bred – Muslim – mum of 3, who now resides in Dubai. She is primary school trained teacher and is currently serving as Chairperson on the Islamic Museum of Australia’s Board. She has an obsession with travel, food and creating a social cohesive community.

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