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Guest Review: The Meat Co, London

October 17, 2016Halal Gems Team

Reviewed by Mehreen
I love meat. I wish I could think of a more poetic and detailed opening for you… but it really is that plain and simple. Whether it’s minced or cubed, chopped or steaked – I just love eating tender, juicy, (halal) meat.
So you can imagine how excited I was to be invited to The Meat Co for lunch (emphasis on the “meat” part); a place I had so often heard of, but never had the opportunity (nor finances) to visit. £50 for a steak and chips seemed rather extortionate for a regular girl like me, so on 10th August I set off to Shepherd’s Bush to see whether the price really was worth it.
The Meat Co is situated just a few minutes walk away from Shepherd’s Bush Underground Station – right within the hustle and bustle of Westfield shopping centre. (Seeing this, my lunch plans automatically turned into whole-day plans.) The actual interior of the restaurant, however, was quite a contrast to the outside; there was a calm yet trendy atmosphere created by dim, intimate lighting, a plethora of brown tones and Nando-esque music playing lightly in the background. The restaurant is very spacious – set out over two floors and with waiters floating all around, ready to answer every question you have with their extensive knowledge of meats and steaks. Even the toilets were beautiful and clean, with acres of space and full length mirrors (that I suggest you look in only before your meal.)

My dear friend (and fellow foodie) was late, so I was seated by a waiter on the plush leather sofas downstairs and offered drinks as I waited. The drinks menu was definitely impressive for someone who is used to being offered the basic soft drink at high end restaurants, as everyone around me guzzles fruity looking cocktails. There was a selection of mocktails to choose from: I tried the Mojito and the Passion Blast and both lived up to expectations. They were cool and refreshing, not to mention artistically presented. Little did I know, this was just a taster of what was to come.
IMG_4086 (1)
For our starter, we ordered the Peri-Peri prawns. I expected these to be crispy, spicy prawns but they were in fact very soft in texture, smothered in a Peri-Peri sauce, served with a side portion of rice. By “Peri-Peri” standards, these were a lot milder than I expected, with almost a sweet taste – but were delicious nonetheless.
IMG_4070 (1)
It was then time for the mains. We ordered the barbecue ribs, the fillet steak and the Wagyu steak, all to be medium cooked. All the meat arrived on a food warmer and was cooked to absolute perfection; it was tender, moist and full of flavour all the way through. The biggest plus for me was that there was no blood in sight – which can sometimes be a problem when ordering “medium” rather than “medium-well”. I personally prefer much spicier food, so the barbecue ribs had a much too sweet taste for me, but my partner gladly finished them all off. The Wagyu steak had to be my favourite; the flavour and the texture were both amazing. It was meaty, but not overpoweringly meaty – if you know what I mean. Each meat option came with an option of a side dish – chips, mash or onion rings. It was a carb delight.
IMG_4084 (1)
Along with this, we also ordered a portion of lamb chops, which arrived hanging on a large skewer. These were absolutely divine. I watched in awe as the juice dripped off the chops and they tasted as good as they looked.
IMG_4080 (1)
As additional sides, we ordered grilled halloumi cheese, a Greek salad, some asparagus and some broccoli. In case you haven’t already guessed, I’m not the biggest fan of salads and green stuff, but this was the best tasting green stuff I have ever had. It complemented the overwhelming amount of meat and potato on our table perfectly; it was colourful and crisp with a burst of freshness, infused with just the perfect amount of dressing.
IMG_4077 (1)
Sauces and dips were provided in abundance – from your average ketchup and mayo, to one of the spiciest blended chilli sauces I have ever had – only adding to the firework of flavours that was occurring in my mouth.
Overall, my experience at The Meat Co was a fabulous one. In hindsight, we definitely didn’t need to order so much meat as just one steak would have been sufficient, but the food and service meant it was worth every penny. The servings are plentiful and combined with the exquisite taste and attention to detail, it definitely created a memorable experience. I will be running back, after every pay day.
So let me leave you to ponder on this thought. Have you ever thought about why the word “meat” has “eat” in it? Because it’s the best “bloody” thing you can eat. That’s why.
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About Mehreen
Mehreen is a teacher-turned-blogger who explores life as a young British Muslim woman in her writing. After years of thinking fine dining and a satisfied belly didn’t go hand in hand, Mehreen set off on a mission to discover the best halal cuisines for other fellow Muslim foodies.
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