Guest Review: Tom & Serg, Dubai

July 4, 2015Halal Gems Team

Reviewed by Maysaa
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Tucked away in the dusty part of Al Quoz area is an innovative and aesthetically pleasing warehouse-turned café called Tom and Serg.
It’s true, the parking could be better (but given the location; come on its Dubai!) and the signage could be larger. However, you will forget all of this when you enter the wide doors and find yourself standing on a concrete floor, surrounded by dozens of people chatting or typing on their Macs and the aroma of coffee that immediately strikes your senses.

The place is actually larger than you would think, and you have a choice to sit upstairs or down. Tom and Serg is filled with positive vibes, from the bursts of green plants scattered around, to the motivational story of the origins of Tom and Serg. I have read that Tom and Serg are fairly new on the scene, yet their service is like a finely oiled-happy machine.
The menu is simple – a small A1 recycled card – but it’s got a plethora of choice. On this occasion, a friend and I ordered the Summer Breaky Board. It came out pretty as a picture and I had to hold myself back from Instagramming it because I didn’t want to waste any time. We devoured it to say the least. There wasn’t anything overly ‘new’ – smoked salmon, sliced breast chicken, plum tomatoes, avocado, bread and poached eggs – but it was the pretty presentation, the perfect flavours and it was so tasty that made it faultless.
Side note: The dessert choice is incredible. We also devoured the humble Aussie lamington because I am missing home and a chocolate brownie because … well, it’s a brownie!
cake_orange plate
Little quirks like free filtered water, a dozen choices of coffee types (hipster choices like almond milk available) and bicycles hanging on the wall make Tom and Serg stand out. Tom and Serg is a unique choice to dine at in the sandy desert and metropolitan apocalypse known as Dubai.
About Gem Hunter Maysaa
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Maysaa Fahour is a Lebanese born – Melbourne bred – Muslim – mum of 3, who now resides in Dubai. She is primary school trained teacher and is currently serving as Chairperson on the Islamic Museum of Australia’s Board. She has an obsession with travel, food and creating a social cohesive community.

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