Last month at Halal Gems: January 2016

February 23, 2017Halal Gems Team

January is usually a quiet time for restaurants. For us this means spending time with restaurant owners, looking at how we can help them improve their supply chains, and planning for the new things we’re doing in 2017.
Somewhere in between we managed to visit Chinese Cricket Club, a Chinese restaurant with a cricket theme. After drooling over the cricket memorabilia on the walls, we thoroughly enjoyed the food and the service was no less than five star. Look out for the review on our blog soon.
Jumping on the healthy eating and Veganuary bandwagons, I signed up to a week of healthy Buddha Bowl lunches from Redemption in Shoreditch. Down the road from our offices, the food here is absolutely fantastic. Vegan, alcohol free, wheat free and sugar free, it really is a way to eat delicious food thats actually good for your body. For the record my favourite Buddha Bowls were Monday and Thursday.
Boondocks hosted some of our favourite friends in the halal foodie world and we had dinner there with Haloodie Foodie, Shazia Saleem (ieat foods), Steak & Teeth and of course our competition winners. We sampled two new types of wings from their upcoming Famous Flames restaurant, argued about which was best and agreed to disagree. Chipotle maple or parmesan? Its a divisive choice.
Speaking of divisive choices, CNN is a news network that seems to be getting lots of attention from a certain American President, and we were excited to meet Samuel Burke. Watch out for the interview in the next week.
Saving the best to last, the highlight of the month for Team HG was the Fire & Smoke supper club. Hosted by Bake Street and with both gorgeous and delicious food cooked by none other than Haloodie Foodie himself, the evening was a triumph for the halal foodie scene. The meat was top quality 28 day aged Angus from Hill Farm Finest, the chef was on form and clearly cooked with love (19 hour smoked brisket. Seriously, 19 hours!), and the company with Halal Girl About Town, Steak & Teeth, Brit Pak Girl and Devine Delights made for a wonderful evening. Here’s a picture we can only describe as Foodporn. Hats off to you Haloodie Foodie. More please!!
IMG_9479 (2)

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