Ramadan Campaign 2017 – Halal Gems

Ramadan Campaign 2017

May 28, 2017Halal Gems Team

At Halal Gems we have made it our mission to improve the quality of halal food across the world. It you haven’t read it yet, see our Manifesto here. The number of people who read our articles, blog posts, guides, magazine and interact with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all increases by a factor of four each Ramadan. It seems that in Ramadan, we are all much more interested in food and food related issues.
Food poverty is a real issue both at home in the UK and abroad in other countries. In the UK we have a record number of families going to food banks just to keep their children from going hungry. When we paired that with the knowledge that Muslims give more in charity than any other faith group, we thought we’d try and make a difference to food poverty by raising funds for Feed Our World, a campaign set up to provide meals for people in the UK and abroad. By spending effectively, the campaign is able to provide a meal for £1 to someone who needs it.
We chose this campaign because it is close to our hearts. Every time we see food on our screens it is important to remember that although we may be privileged enough to be able to break our fasts this evening, many will not have that opportunity. We feel the pain of hunger through our fasts, and many live with that pain every day. It was important for us to pick a charity that also serves food to recipients in the UK since charity starts at home.
The cost of your lunch today could help relieve someone’s pain. Please support our campaign. Click here to donate.

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