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May 31, 2017Halal Gems Team

What do you like to eat for Iftar?
It varies, but I know what I never eat, anything made with oil of any kind. In particular, I avoid deep fried items like samosas and curries. I tend to eat grilled chicken and rice with a lot of water and dates. Fruit like apples and bananas as well. 
What do you like to eat for Suhoor?
Last year I had the same thing every day, one banana and two bowls of Alpen with milk along with around 7 dates. Some days I mixed it up… and had Weetabix or Shreddies instead. I like to eat try and eat food that I think fills you up and has slow releasing energy. 

What do you miss whilst fasting?
For one month of every year, my daily routine is totally changed and focus shifted on the often neglected spiritual side of life. I miss the normality of everyday life but I find that keeping busy with work and having consciousness of God helps me get through the day. In terms of food, I miss drinking water! I also have to cut down on my football and exercise which I miss whilst fasting.    
What do you crave whilst fasting?
Like most people… water!
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