Ramadan Routine : Halima Goga

May 31, 2017Halal Gems Team

What do you like to eat for Iftar?
Iftar being the most anticipated moment of a fasting day, almost anything we eat is delicious. If I had to say one item I regularly enjoy at this time it would be the Chicken Express, a family recipe which will be issued in a cookbook ‘A Feast for Friends’ being published for charity before this coming Ramadan.
What do you like to eat for Suhoor?
My sister would make me these delicious and cooling chia seeds fruit smoothies, not only are these refreshing they also are cooling and good for the body going through a long fasting day. It is quite simple to make you only need to blast the following ingredients in a blender, pour over the chia seeds pudding and garnish with granola and dates. Voila!

What do you miss whilst fasting?
Well, I am going to answer this slightly differently by telling you what I shall miss when fasting in Ramadan has passed. I miss the atmosphere of everyone eating together at once, the love shared by inviting and being invited to break fast with family, friends and the many charity events that take place during this blessed month.
What do you crave whilst fasting?
Cravings that strike me during the fast are the caffeine related beverages, the scent of coffee calls to me especially during a working day when being brewed by work colleagues or passing a cafe and the aroma of the coffee bean reaches you. It does take a few days before the caffeine withdrawal symptoms disappear yet the tastebuds will salivate to its aroma all throughout Ramadan. 
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