Ramadhan Routine: Azhar Mahmood

July 2, 2015Halal Gems Team

Azhar Mahmood & Sharmeen Ziauddin
Iftar: I try and avoid fried foods generally, especially whilst I’m training. For Iftar I
always open my fast with dates and water, along with some channa chaat (chickpeas) and fruit chaat (fruit salad). I’ll have dinner which is usually grilled fish or chicken with lots of vegetables and a good portion of carbohydrates, either in the form of potatoes, brown bread or French bread. I also love daal, great source of protein. And a cup of tea. Carbs are really important as I go to the gym quite regularly during Ramadan so I need high energy foods. Before bed I also have some milk with dates in it, for that extra energy boost.
Suhoor: I make myself a fruit smoothie, and I must have my Weetabix and a cup of tea!
I miss: Tea. And when I’m practicing or training then I really miss high energy/sports drinks.
I crave: I try and follow a fairly strict diet all year round, but the thing I really enjoy is lamb pilau with aloo gosht (potato & lamb curry).

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