Ramdhan Routine: Norman Musa

July 2, 2015Halal Gems Team

Norman Musa & Sharmeen Ziauddin
Iftar: Like many Muslims I normally start with dates as they have high levels of natural sugar and are full of vitamins. I tend to follow up with rice which is a staple food for many Malaysian’s and of course this has to be accompanied by a delicious Malay curry such as Rendang Pedas Ayam (Chicken Rendang). Which is a dish passed on to me by my late Mum, I love this dish as you put all the ingredients in one go which is perfect for a quick, easy yet nutritious meal.
Suhoor: I don’t normally have anything too heavy but I tend to go for fruit that have a high content of fibre. I love Dragon fruit, as it has lots of fibre and keeps me going for the whole day.
I crave: Malaysians have a sweet tooth and I definitely do. So desserts such as Kuih which is a Malaysian steamed treat hits the spot for me.

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