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Review: Halal breakfast at Nest Cafe, Willesden

April 17, 2018Halal Gems Team

Reviewed by Ruman
Zohra and I have been on a mission recently to try out as many halal breakfast spots in London as possible. Its really hard to find a good Full English Breakfast in North West London! One of the few that might fit the bill is Nest Cafe in Willesden Green, located right beside Willesden Green tube station. The cafe has tables and chairs as well as a leather sofa and armchairs if you feel like sitting somewhere a bit more comfortable.

Nest Cafe interior
Nest Cafe interior

At the counter we asked about the halal status of Nest Cafe. The waitress who greeted us didn’t seem to know what we meant by ‘halal’ (she assumed it meant fresh) but fortunately, another woman appeared out of the kitchen (we think she was the manager / owner) who confirmed that all meat served was indeed halal. We quickly ordered the Full English Breakfast (£6.99).
On the plate: two fried eggs, turkey bacon, one beef sausage, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, baked beans, 2 toasts and a cup of tea (coffee was an alternative).
Halal Full English Breakfast at Nest Cafe
Full English Breakfast [£6.99]
Both the turkey and the beef were good quality and for £6.99, we felt the breakfast was great value for money. The service was friendly and the staff even recommended other picturesque items on their menu for our next visit. There’s free wifi in the cafe making it a good spot for all the freelancers out there who are looking for halal cafes to work in.
Breakfast is served every day between 8am and 4pm.
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Atmosphere/Decor: 7/10
Value for money: 8/10 (£6.99 total bill // £6.99pp)
Overall: 7.8/10
Halal Status: All meat served is halal.
Address: Willesden Green Station, Tube Station, Walm Lane, London, NW2 4QT
Nearest station: Willesden Green (Jubilee, Metropolitan lines)
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