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Khao London

July 5, 2017Halal Gems Team

Khao London is London’s first Khao Suey joint! Noodles, creamy coconut curry, spicy meat, secret chilli sauce, lime and a whole lot of crunch – what’s not to like? Read our interview with Asna Qamar, Founder of Khao London, below.
Describe your relationship with food in three words.
Live To Eat.
If you weren’t a street food trader what would you be doing? Tell us about your journey.

I moved from Pakistan five years ago to do my masters at SOAS. While studying here I met the love of my life and decided to get married and permanently move to London – to live outside Pakistan was never something I had imagined I would do or wanted to do, but it has turned out to be the best decision I ever made.  I have worked in development prior to this – WWF-Pakistan, Sustainable Policy Institute, Developments in Literacy, and the UN are a few of the places I have worked at. If I did not live in London I would really want to work for the planning commission in Pakistan. 
What would be your last supper or your last meal on earth be if you could choose?
Daal Chawal, achar (pickles) and chilli chips! 
Who would you love to cook for (past or present)?
My Grandfather – he was extremely fond of food but also very fussy- a true connoisseur. He would have loved anything I might have served him,  though I would never want him to see me at the stall, he would make me quit and move back to Pakistan after seeing how labour intensive it really is.
What is your foodie guilty pleasure?
Cheese! I cannot resist cheese, all shapes smells and forms.
What’s been the hardest thing so far?
Finding someone compatible to work with. 
What’s been the highlight so far?
The feedback and reviews! 
What advice would you give to people who are thinking of starting their own street food business?
Speak to traders, ask lots of questions (maybe not at lunch time). All the traders I have met so far have been the nicest people. The camaraderie is unbelievable and they will always be willing to give advice and help you out – whether it is about suppliers, equipment or how to get started.
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Find Khao London at Street Eats on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th July 2017. Register for your free ticket here.

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