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Chinese Cricket Club – Blackfriars

Named in honour of the Chinese National Cricket Team, Chinese Cricket Club is located in the Crowne Plaza hotel near Blackfriars bridge. The restaurant offers a range of Sichuan specialities with a modern twist.

Halal status: 24 hours notice required to serve halal chicken or beef
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Chinese Cricket Club

China Tang at The Dorchester – Mayfair

Inspired by 1930’s Shanghai, China Tang offers Cantonese cuisine at a price that reflects its location. Situated in The Dorchester in the heart of Mayfair, the interior showcases traditional and contemporary Chinese art chosen by founder Sir David Tang himself. A luxurious restaurant perfect for a special occasion, China Tang’s menu features authentic dishes made with classical recipes.

Halal status: A separate halal menu is available and any dishes containing pork are marked
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china tang

Chai Wu – South Kensington

Chai Wu is a contemporary Chinese restaurant located on the Fifth Floor of the iconic department store Harrods in Knightsbridge. The decor is inspired by the five elements in Chinese philosophy; fire, water, wood, earth and metal.

Halal status: All meat served is halal
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Kai Mayfair – Mayfair

Previously voted the best Chinese restaurant in London, Kai Mayfair is a Michelin starred restaurant spread over two floors in one of London’s most expensive areas. Desserts are listed at the beginning of the menu to highlight their importance with six shades of peanut and chocolate featuring.

Halal status: Wagyu and chicken are halal
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Etles Uyghur – Walthamstow

Specialising in Uyghur cuisine where the food features Chinese, Turkish, Persian and Mongolian influences, Etles Uyghur restaurant offers authentic dishes from Xinjiang in North-West China.

Halal status: All meat served is halal (HMC supplied).

Etles Uyghur

Etles Uyghur