We’re delighted to be supporting Penny Appeal’s remarkable Feed Our World campaign throughout the Street Eats festival.

Feed our World works in 32 countries worldwide, including the UK – to provide meals for people in need. Thanks to Penny Appeal’s collection of experienced delivery teams on the ground, it costs just £1 to provide one meal for someone who desperately needs it.

In 2016 alone, the Feed our World programme provided 4 million meals, many to people across the developing world. At home, food poverty is on the rise, in the UK a record number of families are now having to access food banks on a regular basis to stop their children going hungry. Every £1 donated ensures someone receives a nutritious meal either in the UK, or in one of the 31 crisis-hit countries in which Feed our World operates.

Because of Penny Appeal’s expert teams on the ground, they are able to source and provide nutritional foods that use regional delivery networks and benefit local producers, having a knock-on effect to stimulate the local economy. Food is carefully selected to meet cultural and traditional requirements of the specific area that it is delivered in, ensuring that community needs are met.

We chose the Feed our World campaign because it’s a cause close to our hearts. It was important for us to choose a charity for Street Eats that also serves food to recipients in the UK; as we believe that charity starts at home.

Tickets for Street Eats are free, but we do hope you’ll join us and make a donation to the campaign too.

Click here to donate