Stacked Dutch Pancakes

July 5, 2017Halal Gems

Stacked Dutch Pancakes was founded with the intention to bring a new buzz to desserts in and around London. The pancakes, known as poffertjes in the Netherlands, are a modern twist on a classic snack. Read our interview with Jessica Harrison, Founder of Stacked Dutch Pancakes, below.
Describe your relationship with food in three words.
I need a one more word to get this right, ‘always room for dessert’.
If you weren’t a street food trader what would you be doing? Tell us about your journey.
If I wasn’t a street food trader I would possibly be doing something in interior design. I have a background in design but I’ve always loved the process of making a space homely. I think its really important to come home to somewhere that has a nice feel to it. 
My brother and I started our Dutch Pancakes stall together a few years back now when we both moved to London. We both used to eat poffertjes at our local markets as children in Melbourne, Australia and had always wanted to open a stall but never got the chance as jobs etc got in the way. When we were both in London at the same time after traveling we decided this was the perfect opportunity to take a chance and do something different. We both have a massive sweet tooth so there wasn’t much discussion on Poffertjes. It was a no brainer. 
What would be your last supper or your last meal on earth be if you could choose?
Dessert of course, lemon meringue pie is my weakness.
Who would you love to cook for (past or present)?
I’d love to cook for David Attenborough. I imagine he’d have some great stories to chat about over dinner. 
What is your foodie guilty pleasure?
Anything fried really. If you haven’t tried a fried Mars bar, you need to!
What’s been the hardest thing so far?
The hardest thing so far is keeping up the motivation to always improve the business, its a necessity of course but after a number of years your really need to find a way to keep the energy going.
What’s been the highlight so far?
The highlight so far has been being involved in all these great markets and events. 
What advice would you give to people who are thinking of starting their own street food business?
It’s a lot of hard work and you need to be willing to put in the hours and time but its worth it!
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Find Stacked Dutch Pancakes at Street Eats on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th July 2017. Register for your free ticket here.

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