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July 3, 2015Halal Gems
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The words ‘chocolate’ and ‘healthy’ are usually at opposite ends of our minds, but is this something that could change with the launch of Carey Davis-Munro’s ‘Sweet Virtues Luxury Chocolate Truffles’?
Each hand-made truffle is dairy, alcohol and gluten free and is ‘power-packed’ with super food ingredients such as Ginseng, Maca, Lucuma and Sunflower Seeds. The truffles come in three exotic flavours, ‘Maqui Berry’ to detox, ‘Chia seeds & Lime’ to energise and ‘Baobab & Vanilla’ to promote balance. The philosophy behind each flavour is based on Carey’s ‘Triangle of Health’ of which nutrition is the centre point; its a balance of the mind and relaxation, food and nutrition, and exercise and fitness.
Its a different approach to chocolate and a novel idea that certainly has never been done before in the UK. Eating chocolate that’s focused on your well being? Yes please. The holistic focused founder Carey, talks to us about these amazing truffles.

What is the inspiration behind the brand?
Sweet Virtues came about from a lifestyle choice to benefit my friends, family and children. Not only did I want to create more healthy and nutrient dense food, but also find a way to create healthy treats for them. I wanted to create a food business that did not focus on what is ‘taken out’ but the amazing power- packed ingredients that are ‘added in’. I believe that eating healthily should not about self-denial or indeed less enjoyment when it comes to food but exactly the opposite, and chocolate seemed the perfect place to start.
What were you doing before Sweet Virtues? What spurred you to create a luxury chocolate brand?
Before launching Sweet Virtues I worked as a qualified PE teacher and fitness instructor. I also completed a Home Study nutrition qualification from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition over six years ago. I have also run various consultancy businesses focusing on exercise, food and wellbeing as well as working with Ocado to create content for the Healthy Recipe section of their website.
Alongside this, I ran various clinics and workshops focusing on healthy eating, which sparked the idea of guilt free chocolate truffles and creating indulgent foods that may help to heal.

What is different about your chocolates?
What makes them so special is that they are the UK’s first superfood truffles, combining luxury with health. Each truffle is nutrient-dense and power-packed with more than five super food ingredients. The raw centre is made up of a blend of Maca, Lucuma, Carob, Ginseng, Sunflower Seeds and Ground Almonds mixed with 70% Raw Ecuadorian bio dynamic fair trade chocolate.
Sweet Virtues is currently available from Planet Organic, Not On The High Street and Daylesford Organic stores.

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