A great way to stave off the cold and feel the winter spirit in London: eat halal food at Taste of Winter.

Here is our guide to whats halal at the event. You’ve only got till Sunday evening to visit. Book your tickets here.

For a full list of all restaurants at the event (and to check out what vegetarian and fish dishes you an try) try this restaurant menu card .

Halal Stands
Assado by Cyrus Todiwala

Restaurant confirmed halal status: Halal, the beef isn’t Halal, they serve pork

Dish 1 Marinated pickled octopus on spiced olive tapenade: Slow cooked and picked octopus served cold on spiced olive tapenade

Dish 3 Chickpea Xacutti in Pao – Chickpeas simmered in GOA’s most unique curry, made using over twenty ingredients & roasted coconut. Served in a bun

Iconic dish Ostrich Bhuna with Rice – Strips of ostrich fan fillet tossed with the ever so classic of sub-continental ‘Bhuna’ sauce. Served with saffron pulao

Benares by Atul Kochhar

Restaurant confirmed halal status: Halal except the duck

Dish 1 Bhatti Murgh –Chicken Tikka Salad

Dish 2 Meen Moilee – Fish with Coconut and Curry Leaf Sauce, Basmati Rice

Dish 3 Kheema Paratha – Ground Lamb and Green Pea Wrap