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London's Best Curry

October 16, 2015Halal Gems Team

My Big Fat Halal Blog
What: Lamb Karahi
Where: Lahore Kebab House, Whitechapel

The Lahore Kebab House may not look as fancy as other famous curry houses in London, such as Gymkhana or Tamarind, but it sure does serve amazing food! Weekends call for long snakey queues, making the waiters super busy and the atmosphere extremely loud. It still however, calls people from far away to make a trip to taste their spicy kebabs, buttery naan, velvety dhal, creamy mango lassi and of course their memorable curries! The lamb karahi is full of flavour and the meat is so tender and soft, it is evident why people are totally up for queuing outside in the cold. This is a no fuss, simple décor restaurant that excites you as soon as you walk in and can smell the fresh food straight from the tandoor! (And let’s not forget their large plasma screens playing loud Bollywood music … which certainly adds to your experience!)
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Ruman Hasan / Halal Gems
What: Tori Katsu Curry
Where: Hare & Tortoise, Bloomsbury
As the go-to dish for most students in the Bloomsbury area, the Tori Katsu Curry never fails to disappoint. A huge bowl of steamed rice with deep-fried, panko-crumbed chicken in a thick sauce, the Katsu Curry is the ultimate comfort food. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been to Hare & Tortoise just to get the Katsu. The service is quick and the portions are generous – admittedly, I live up to my reputation of only eating two-thirds of my meal but friends are there to finish the remainder right? Imagine my excitement post-graduation when we moved into the office at Halal Gems and discovered a place nearby that serves halal Katsu curry. #KatsuMondays are now an office tradition.
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Just Nice Things
What: Tofu Yang Sauce Panaeng
Where: Patara, Soho
When I think of where to go in London’s Soho for dinner, immediately Patara springs to mind. For the finest Thai cuisine, the menu offers a beguiling collection of dishes , but whenever I’m here, I can’t resist ordering Tofu Yang Sauce Panaeng – grilled tofu steak in a rich paneng curry sauce, garnished with aromatic kaffir lime leaves. The tofu is velvety smooth and so delicately soft that it melts in the mouth. I’ve never tasted such delicious tofu anywhere else. Hands down, it is my go-to favourite at Patara’s.
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Something To Declare
What: Kofta Curry
Where: Woodlands, Marylebone
The “Kofta” curry from the strictly vegetarian restaurant Woodlands will have even carnivores licking the bowl clean with sheer delight and bewilderment at how dumplings made from humble potatoes, spinach and pumpkin in a warm creamy curry could possibly merge together to create something so utterly delectable. Woodlands is not your standard curry house – the food is lighter and healthier as the majority of items are made without butter or cream allowing the slow cooking methods and flavours to triumph. A must for vegetarians and meat-loving sceptics alike – this will have you eulogising the emergence of healthier, alternative Indian cuisine.
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Mez/ Halal Gems
What: Karahi Gosht
Where: Tayyabs, Whitechapel
The hugely popular Tayyabs in Whitechapel has undergone a serious face lift in years gone by. What started off as a tiny restaurant overcrowded with local hospital staff and queues on a Friday night (think latest iPhone release) is now a three floor restaurant that still manages to fill up without fail. Although this restaurant is famous for their grills, the fail safe curry for me every time is the Karahi Gosht. The meat is so well cooked and tender that it literally melts in your mouth and the curry itself is perfectly spiced.  Pair that with their soft naans or plain rice and you’re onto a winner!
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