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London's best hot chocolates

November 7, 2017Halal Gems Team

The Halal Gems team have had the tough job of scouting London’s best hot chocolates in the last month. We’ve finally ended our #hotchocolatecrawl (and come down from our sugar high) to put together a guide to some of our favourites. This post contains a list of some our favourites but if you want to skip to our top five you can watch our video review here:

In no particular order, here is our guide to the best hot chocolates in London:
SAID dal 1923 (£2.50 – £6)

IMG_6800SAID serve their drinks with the cup covered in milk, dark and white chocolate. The mocha was recommended to us by a waitress as their best drink but being hot chocolate purists, we opted for a milk hot chocolate (you can choose from a selection of milk, dark or Gianduja chocolate as your drink).
The hot chocolate was rich and smooth with a silky texture to it. Unlike other hot chocolates made with melted chocolate and no milk, this one was not too rich for the palate. In fact, it was so good we went again a few days later. The cafe is small and can feel crowded at times so expect a short wait for a table on most evenings.
Chin Chin Labs (£3.90)
IMG_6993Made with Valrhona chocolate, the hot chocolate is rich and would probably seem bitter to those who prefer milk chocolate (or a milky hot chocolate). The scoop of vegetarian-friendly, toasted marshmallow fluff that tops it sweetens the taste giving it a good balance of flavours in your mouth.
Dominique Ansel Bakery (£3.20 / £3.80)
The last time we were at a Dominique Ansel Bakery was in New York where we tried and failed to get our hands on the famous Cronut. Fast forward a few months to his new London branch where we finally got our hands on his famous creation as well as the recently launched blossoming hot chocolate. The homemade hot chocolate is topped with a marshmallow flower which blooms on top of the rich hot chocolate when placed on top. The marshmallows at the bakery are made using fish gelatine making it suitable for a halal diet. Follow us on Instagram to see a video of a blooming marshmallow flower.
Dark Sugars (£3 – £4.50)
IMG_8759Dark Sugars serve a milky hot chocolate made from cocoa powder and topped with milk, dark and white chocolate shavings. They also sell vegan friendly chocolates in their store alongside handmade truffles.
Choccywoccydoodah (£3.99 – £7.49)
IMG_8906With an interior as funky as its name, Choccywoccydoodah have six different options on their hot chocolate menu served in the cafe above their store. Their hot chocolates are made with pure molten Belgian chocolate which is stirred into warm milk. Choose from milk chocolate (34% cocoa solid), dark chocolate (70% and vegan friendly) or white chocolate (29% cocoa butter). Their marshmallows aren’t vegetarian and some of the food items on their menu contain alcohol so be sure to double check before ordering. We opted for the ‘pure molten chocolate’ which was topped with whipped cream and served with domino biscuits on the side. A light and sweet tasting hot chocolate, this is definitely one for those who prefer more milk than chocolate in their hot chocolate.
Rabot 1745 (All hot chocolates cost £3.50 / £3.95)
IMG_7398 (1)Owned by Hotel Chocolat, Rabot 1745 overlooks Borough Market and is named after the 250-year-old Rabot Estate cocoa plantation in St Lucia. The hot chocolate here is made from real chocolate (not cocoa powder) and there are a variety of flavours to choose from: classic, milky, 100%, salted caramel, hazelnut and chilli.
Mamasons (£4)

A new addition to our hot chocolate guide, Mamasons serves Filipino inspired desserts and now hot chocolate too! The Ube ice cream with white hot cocoa topped with whipped ube cream and ube crumb has become our new winter indulgence.
Fatties Bakery (£4)

We were gutted to miss out on this salted caramel hot chocolate last year when Fatties Bakery was trading at Druid Street Market. That’s why when Chloe Timms, owner of Fatties Bakery, told us she would be at Maltby Street Market this year we knew we had to check it out. A cup of delicious salted caramel hot chocolate topped with veggie friendly toasted marshmallow fluff which is piped around the edge of the cup and blow-torched in front of you. As an extra treat she’s added a gingerbread Christmas tree on top too!

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