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Review : FatBoyz Diner

November 11, 2017Halal Gems Team

Reviewed by Ruman
FatBoyz Diner is a relatively small, unassuming restaurant just off Green Street. Zohra and I happened to be in the area on a Friday and we strolled in for a quick lunch. The restaurant decor reflects its American inspired menu with wooden tables, red plastic chairs and graffiti depicting Las Vegas across the wall. Upon entering we were given a table for two and told to order at the till when we were ready.

FatBoyz interior

We started off with the Chilli Cheese Bangers – deep fried balls of jalapeños and cheese. FatBoyz Diner have a choice of 6 for £3.00 or 12 for £5.00. We cut one open to reveal a gooey and cheesy interior which we indulged in. These were great as a starter though a bit too greasy for my liking.
Chilli Cheese Bangers [£3.00]
Zohra ordered a glass of Mama’s Homemade Lemonade to accompany her meal. Sometimes homemade lemonades can be a little too strong and overpowering but this was one which you could drink the whole glass of and in her words, ‘yum!’.
Mama’s Homemade Lemonade [£1.00]
The highlight of our meal was ‘The American’ – a single beef patty topped with American cheese, caramelised onions, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise. We both ordered the same burger though I opted for mine without any tomatoes or ketchup. I’ve had this before and I was excited for Zohra to try it to see if it lived up to her expectations. The patty was juicy with the various sauces complementing and not overpowering the taste of the meat. The cheese had melted beautifully on the beef patty and the toasted brioche added a slight crunch to the burger.
At just £5.00 with an option to upgrade to a double patty for an additional £1.00, this burger is great value for money. It has been one of my favourite burgers since it opened and I’m glad they have retained their consistency in delivering great tasting, good quality food in an area that otherwise lacks something similar (especially since the closure of Brioche Burger’s Green Street branch).
The American [£5.00] – RECOMMEND
We ordered the Chilli Garlic Fries to share as a side. These were skinny fries tossed in a chilli and garlic sauce and were what you would expect. The chilli wasn’t too spicy and the sauces didn’t cause the fries to become soggy which is sometimes the case with fries tossed in a sauce or loaded/dirty fries. We’d recommend these!
Chilli Garlic Fries [£3.00] – RECOMMEND
Overall, this was a great, quick lunchtime bite. The food tasted great and the service had improved from the last time I was there. The card machine wasn’t working on the day we visited but luckily there is an ATM opposite the restaurant. A classic burger with skinny fries and a soft drink would cost you £7.50 in total which makes it one of London’s best cheap eats.
Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Atmosphere/Decor: 8/10
Value for money: 10/10 (£17 total bill // £8.50pp)
Overall: 9/10
Halal Status: All meat served is halal and HMC certified. Alcohol is not available.
Address: 3 Barking Road, London, E6 1PW
Nearest station: Upton Park (Hammersmith & City and District lines)
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