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Aamer Anwar & Sharmeen Ziauddin

Iftar: What I like eating at Iftari is absolutely everything that I can. It starts of with a spicy chick peas, samosas, kebabs, pakoras, chapattis, parathas and mango juice. Then after a few days you realise we’re fasting, this is not what it’s supposed to be about, so I try and reduce the intake after the first few days to more fruit. Having a big feast defeats the purpose.

Suhoor: I eat fruit, fried egg, toast and milk or juice, nothing too special as I need to get up early for work.

I miss: Whilst fasting I miss chocolate the most. Chocolate.

I crave: Fizzy drinks. When you know you can’t grab a packet of crisps or a can of coke, that’s pretty hard going.