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Review: Burgeri, London

February 26, 2017Halal Gems Team

I’ve been to the newly-opened Burgeri three times in less than three weeks. This is not a reflection of my eating (or shopping) habits.
A Qatari import, Burgeri’s branch in London is the first in the UK and according to their Facebook page, the first Qatari owned burger chain outside of Doha.
My first visit was a disaster. I ordered the Burgeri classic not realising that this is what it would be:

It’s safe to say I wasn’t impressed, particularly because the waitress seemed unsure as to what my order actually was. I was given a burger which was taken away from me a few seconds later, then given a different burger which I had unwrapped only for it to be taken away from me again and replaced with the original burger (pictured above). Only a week into its opening, it became clear that they were experiencing some teething problems.
On my first visit at around 3pm on a Sunday, the restaurant was half full. Fast forward to my second visit a week later on a Saturday at around the same time and I found myself queuing for a table. This time I opted for the Burgeri chilli burger. Now this was impressive.
I chose to have a single wagyu patty in my burger which was topped with cheese, fried green chillies, shredded lettuce, crispy onions and Burgeri’s signature sauce. As someone who dislikes tomatoes in burgers yet always forgets to ask for them to be removed, I was pleased to find that there were none in this burger. The green chillies in the burger gave it some fire. The sauces complemented the patty well with a soft bun keeping it all in place.
I wasn’t particularly fond of the mocktails. The ‘kiwi piano’ was incredibly sweet (I will never understand the need for so much syrup in mocktails) and the ‘strawberry mojito’ wasn’t the best I’ve had – I was surprised by how fizzy it was (as strange as that may be) and the taste of the mint didn’t really come through.
I ordered the ‘cheese fries’ as my side which I was pleased with. You can’t go wrong with crinkle cut potatoes topped with melted cheddar cheese! This second visit was a significant improvement compared to my first with the service a lot smoother and no confusion with my order. The cost of the wagyu chilli burger, cheese fries and a mocktail came to £17.25 which is on the expensive side given the size of the burger but to be expected given the location. It’s probably not a place I’d make the effort to travel to having been a few times already, but I would probably end up there if I was in the area.
With an ideal location that is sure to bring in those passing by, I can imagine Burgeri being a hit in London and rivalling not just halal fast food chains (namely Fatburger and Burgista Bros) but some ‘gourmet’ burger spots in the capital too. Is it too early to say that I’ll be expecting more sites from Burgeri in the UK over the next few years?
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