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May 31, 2017Halal Gems Team

What do you like to eat for Iftar?
Despite dreaming about all sorts of food during the day, when Iftar time comes, I pretty much always want my mum’s homemade chicken curry! And obviously a couple of samosas (or more).  
What do you like to eat for Suhoor?
For Suhoor I like to have a bowl of porridge and some high energy fruits like dates or bananas. You’ll also find me trying to chug down a zillion litres of water about three minutes before Suhoor ends! 

What do you miss whilst fasting?
The food I didn’t have enough space for the night before. Haha! 
I also miss the energy I usually have. I’d like to say I am super productive during Ramadan, but I do get pretty tired and don’t do as much as I’d like to. I’m hoping to change that this year.
What do you crave whilst fasting?
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