There are so many great things to eat in Paris that it would take you weeks to get through everything. To make a foodie trip a bit more doable, we’ve narrowed those foods down to 17 you must try. We do a fair bit of research before visiting any city but sometimes we stumble across some gems which only cost a few euros. You can view them below and as a section on our Paris map.

1. Hot Chocolate at Angelina

Known to some as the best hot chocolate in the world, Angelina is a must-visit. View our full guide to hot chocolates in Paris here.



2. Escargot Chocolat Pistache from Du Pain et des Idées

Our go-to for a quick morning pick-me-up in Paris.

Du Pain et des Idées

Du Pain et des Idées

3. Croissant Ispahan from Pierre Herme

A variation on the humble croissant from Pierre Herme.

Pierre Herme Paris

Pierre Herme Paris

4. Eclairs from L’eclair de Genie

Made using fish gelatine, all eclairs here are halal and delicious!

L'éclair de génie

L’éclair de génie

5. Financier from Pain Pain

A sweet but yummy pastry – perfect as a stop during a stroll up the hilly streets of Montmartre.

Pain Pain Paris

Pain Pain

6. Choux pastries from Odette

The cutest little pastries – enjoyed best in one of their rooms across the three floors of the store.

Odette Paris


7. Saint-Honoré Rose Framboise at Ladurée

Almost too pretty to eat! A delicate pastry with light chantilly yet very filling.

Ladurée Paris


8. Speculoos Eclair from Pain Pain

The Speculoos (or Lotus as many of us in the UK like to call it) eclair from Pain Pain is a must try. Be careful though – it’s filled to the brim and may go everywhere when you bite into it!

Pain Pain Paris

Pain Pain

9. Macarons at Piere Herme (or Ladurée)

We couldn’t decide between Pierre Herme and Maison Ladurée so we put in both.

Pierre Herme

Pierre Herme

10. French Onion Soup at Le Petit Gourmet

Halal French onion soup is hard to come by. Le Petit Gourmet serves up a pretty good version.

Le Petit Gourmet

Le Petit Gourmet

11. Mint Tea from the Grand Mosque Cafe

Chill in the cafe of the Grand Mosque with a glass of mint tea and admire the zileej (design on the tiles).

Grand Mosque Cafe Paris

Grand Mosque Cafe

12. Ice Cream at Glace Bachir

Try Lebanese mastic ice cream with a pistachio topping. Served best before or after a trip to the Pompidou Centre (a short walk away).

Glace Bachir Paris

Glace Bachir

13. Hot Chocolate from Jacques Genin

We discovered Jacques Genin on a recent trip and dare we say, it’s better than Angelina. View our full guide to hot chocolates in Paris here.

Jacques Genin

Jacques Genin

14. Falafel from anywhere on Rue des Rosiers

Wander around the centre of the Jewish quarter in Paris and try out a falafel in pita. Featured in our guide to the best cheap eats in Paris.


Falafel on Rue des Rosiers

15. Caramel Pancakes at SEASON

Thick and fluffy pancakes surrounded by a pool of caramel sauce. Perfect for brunch.



16. Bâtonnets de gaufre at La Fabrique Givree

Fresh waffles cut into strips served with a hot Valrhona chocolate dip.

La Fabrique Givrée Paris

La Fabrique Givrée

17. Ice Cream from Berthillon

Known as the best ice cream spot in Paris – who are we to argue?

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