• Chef Stories: Norman Musa

    July 4, 2015 Halal Gems Team

    To read more articles like this, download Halal Gems Magazine here. If you yourself were a food dish, what would you be and why? Nasi Lemak – this is one of the best dishes that represents multi- ethnic Malaysia and which reflects my mission in promoting Malaysian food to the world. The famous dish is…

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  • Ramdhan Routine: Norman Musa

    July 2, 2015 Halal Gems Team

    Norman Musa & Sharmeen Ziauddin Iftar: Like many Muslims I normally start with dates as they have high levels of natural sugar and are full of vitamins. I tend to follow up with rice which is a staple food for many Malaysian’s and of course this has to be accompanied by a delicious Malay curry…

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