Chef Stories: Norman Musa

July 4, 2015Halal Gems Team

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If you yourself were a food dish, what would you be and why?
Nasi Lemak – this is one of the best dishes that represents multi- ethnic Malaysia and which reflects my mission in promoting Malaysian food to the world. The famous dish is made of coconut rice served with condiments like boiled egg, cucumber slices, peanuts, fried crispy anchovies and sambal gravy with prawns. Delicious food that all Malaysians will not say no to!
Describe your relationship with food in three words.

Passion, love, creative.
What do you think is the culinary capital of the world and why?
Penang my hometown – rich in culture, it represents the multi- ethnic cuisines which have shaped the food culture of Malaysia in general. The street food is particularly amazing!
Name us one food that you cannot stomach.
Eel – no matter how it is cooked, it will not stop me from getting squeamish and funny about it! I once threw up in a restaurant after being told I have just eaten sushi with smoked eel!

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